FinLit RMA Bhutan


Board Members and Executive Committee (EC)

FIL unit functions as one of the units under RMA; the existing RMA Board Members and Executive Committee(EC) supports and approves FIL programs and regulations. Any initiatives from the FIL Unit is endorsed by the RMA board members and the EC .

Meet RMA’s Board Members and Executice Committee

FIL Unit, RMA has fewer staff in the main office. However, the core staffing of the drafting and implementation of the National Financial Inclusion and Literacy Policy/Strategy are carried out through the formation of the multi-tier functioning, steering committee and focus groups as follows:

  1. FIL-Policy Working Group (PWG)
  2. FIL-Stakeholder Representative Group(RG)
  3. FIL-20 Dzongkhag(State) Focal Person Group(DFPG)

Each of these functioning committee/group focuses on different areas of implementation with different degree of roles.

Policy Working Group(PWG) is composed of working members from various departments under RMA. The PWG’s key focus is on the formulation of policies and strategies related to financial inclusion.

Stakeholder Representative Group(RG) comprises of all Financial Istitutions (FIS), Micro Finance Institutions(MFIs), NGOs, government sectors and other relevant stakeholders. The RG focal person represent their own organization as a focal point of contact for any queries, information sharing and program developments.

The RG Focal is expected to share within the group having full consent from their respective management on their existing and future service programs. He/she can also contribute ideas, feedback and suggestions during the FIL integration programs.

The RG focal are usually invited to attend FIL-RG meetings, seminars and workshops.

20 Dzongkhag(State) Focal Person Group(DFPG): Twenty officials from RMA were assigned a Dzongkhag each to function as the key focal person of the allotted Dzongkhag. The DFP will be responsible for implementing the FIL policies and programs at their respective Dzonghags and maintain relevant statistics and records. During the implementation of FIL Programs, the respective DFP are required to accompany the FIL Team and ensure to maintain good communication and relation with their relevant Local Governance(LG) officials.